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Jolly Roger Lounge In Rock Island Closes Down


   A Rock Island strip club has closed its doors. The owner of the Jolly Roger Lounge decided to shut down, but a new strip club cannot open in its place.

  At the Jolly Roger Lounge the doors are locked and there's a for sale sign out front. The for sale sign means the building's history of being a strip club is over. "In 1992 the city council passed a rule that they didn't want cabaret licenses in the downtown," says Mayor Dennis Pauley.

   At the time the ordinance was passed there was 3 strip clubs downtown. All 3 of them were grandfathered into the ordinance and the clubs could stay open as long as the license was in the owner's name. "When they sell the building or the business that eliminates the cabaret license," adds Mayor Pauley.

  With the Jolly Roger shutting down, there is now only one strip club left in the entire city. Which was the city's goal when it passed the ordinance, "Some other people came in and wanted additional ones. City council did not want any expansion," says the Mayor.

  The question is: What should the building become? One of the old strip clubs used to be housed a building downtown that is now a restaurant and apartment building, and the city would like something similar. "It's a great old building. If they wanted to rehab the building and turn it into apartments or something totally different it would be a great use. We would like to see it re-used, but it would be up to whoever buys it what the use would be," adds Mayor Pauley.

  City leaders would like the old strip club to become something that fits into the theme of downtown and the district. Where there is more of an emphasis on retail, restaurants, parks and places to live. "You want to keep it as family friendly as you possibly can and that does help to keep it family friendly by eliminating cabarets," says Mayor Pauley.

  TV6 attempted to contact the owner of the Jolly Roger. However, he could not be reached for comment.