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Hot Rod Drag Week 2017

Event Dates and Times

Cordova, IL
HOT ROD announced today that the 13th annual HOT ROD Drag Week 2017 Powered by Dodge and brought to you by Gear Vendors Overdrive is back to determine the title of Fastest Street Car in America, starting and finishing at Cordova International Raceway.

Competitors will be put to a grueling test over five days of drag racing and upward of 1,000 miles covered in the same car with the same engine, all to determine who will earn the title Fastest Street Car in America. Competitors will include Jeff Lutz, who won the 2016 HOT ROD Drag Week with his 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Pro Mod, as well as 2015 champion Tom Bailey.

Spectator Tickets will be available at each individual track.
Kyle Brintnall
Bohlsen Group