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Megan Doyle joined the KWQC TV-6 News team in June of 2016.

She graduated from the University of Michigan with a dual degree in Political Science and International Studies with a topical focus on International Security, Norms, and Cooperation and a regional focus on Africa. While at Michigan, Megan conducted undergraduate research at the Institute for Social Research. That led her to the Michigan in Washington program, where she conducted independent research while taking a full semester of classes and working 4 days per week at an internship in Washington, DC. Megan interned at C-SPAN on The Washington Journal, where it became clear that journalism is her passion.

When she returned to campus for her senior year, Megan wrote for The Michigan Daily and worked for the student-run television station, WOLV-TV. She wrote, produced, and often directed both of the station’s news shows: the evening news, Newsfeed; and the morning news magazine show, Wake Up With WOLV. After one year on staff, she was awarded the WOLVie award for Best In News.

Megan enjoys spending time outdoors with her puppy, drinking coffee, and sticking her nose in the nearest book or newspaper. If you want to discuss politics, dogs, or the state of Michigan, don’t hesitate to contact her!

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