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Matt was born in Harvey, IL on May 5th, 1992 and eventually his family moved to Galesburg, IL, where he spent the majority of his life. He started watching KWQC on TV with his dad. Matt's dad always fell asleep from working long hours though, so Matt would end up watching the 4, 5, and 6 pm newscasts by himself.

Astounded by videography, Matt wanted to do something with cameras but didn't quite know what just yet. He had heard Western Illinois University in Macomb had a really great broadcasting program, and it was close to home. He began classes in August of 2010, unsure of what he wanted to do with videography.

Matt ended up being one of those students at college with an undecided major for almost a year in order to feel it out. After choosing broadcasting as his major, he excelled in editing as much as he did recording video.

A couple months after graduating Matt took a position at WHBF as a full-time editor. He desired something more out of his career, like recording video. A position opened up for a full-time photojournalist, and he applied. From there, he began his career at KWQC back in August of 2015.

Since then, Matt has had some of the most amazing experiences one could hope for including but not limited to, meeting Vanna White, getting into major events for free like World's Toughest Rodeo and the John Deere Classic, and being part of the team that brought you the Bix 7 in 2016. Let the memories continue!

P.S. He likes big cameras and he cannot lie!

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