A Classic Collection

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MILAN, Ill. (KWQC) — Farming runs in his family. When you follow in Kenny Bush’s footsteps, the trail leads to a marvelous museum he has on his farm in Milan.

Look around. He has a windmill mounted to the ceiling. It serves as a fan.

There are husking pegs, and a section of the layout dedicated to seed corn.

The arrowhead collection is impressive. Many of the artifacts were discovered while he was cultivating on the farm.

The 1922 Velie automobile is one of three classic cars on display. The Velie was made in Moline. Replicas of farm machinery are neatly tucked in glass cases.

Kenny farms seven hundred acres of corn and soybeans on his property. Almost eighty four years old, his enthusiasm for farming certainly has not diminished. He has lived on the family farm for seventy years.

One man’s love for agriculture. Truly, a classic collection!