Fun and Family Ties

QUAD CITIES (KWQC) — Ed Schneckloth gets excited about a family tradition. It started in 1928 and ninety years later continues to attract many of Ed’s relatives.

The Schenckloth and Wiese families began migrating from Northern Germany in 1847. Several married. Many settled in or near Scott County to farm some of the best soil in the world.

June 10, 1928, the first Wiese-Schneckloth family reunion took place. Two hundred fifty people from those families also gathered for a birthday celebration. A tradition was born. This year marks the 90th consecutive
Wiese-Schneckloth family reunion.

Ed is a sixth generation Schneckloth. He and hundreds of other family members will attend this year’s reunion on June 11th at the Clinton County Fairgrounds in DeWitt. You can bet there will be plenty of food, fun, and
laughter. Perhaps some people meeting for the first time.

All in the family. One terrific tradition!