Share Our Sandwiches

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The S-O-S alert comes from The Canticle. That’s home to the Sisters of Saint Francis in Clinton. The sisters and community volunteers are doing their best to take a bite out of hunger in the city.

Almost three years ago, the sisters launched “Share Our Sandwiches.”
Each Thursday, the nuns bag sandwiches, fruit, chips, and other items for delivery at two distribution sites in town. The food is a necessity, especially for people on very limited incomes.

Some businesses in town donate food. During a recent visit, the nuns bagged about sixty bologna sandwiches. Thirty going to each of the two sites. The bags also include toiletry items and other necessities.

Since the ministry began in July of 2014, almost nine thousand meals have been delivered. The poverty rate in Clinton is above average.
Hunger hits home for several people.

Every Thursday is delivery day, year round. Currently, the Masonic Temple Building and Regency Inn are locations for distribution.

Share Our Sandwiches. Sharing and caring! Responding to a need, one sandwich at a time.