Tunnel Vision

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ALEDO, Ill. (KWQC) — These guys are proud of their “tunnel vision.” In their whimsical world of model trains, it’s all systems go. The Western Illinois Model Train Club in Aledo is quite the sight.

The layout is huge. There are 250 railroad cars, twenty three engines, and over a thousand feet of track. There are plenty of sound effects, including a thunder and lightning storm.

Trains, boats, planes, and military aircraft are included in the layout. Gary Cortright is one of the architects. He designed a street scene, complete with lights and other items.

Look closely and you’ll see a circus, zoo, roller coaster and even a nine hole golf course. The men usually meet a couple of times each week to ride the rails. Passenger and freight trains are main attractions on this extensive layout. Club members have been working on this project for about six years.

Oh, yes, there has been an occasional derailment. No big deal. A railroad crew’s work is never done. Ask the men with “tunnel vision.”