Vladimir’s Steinway On Tour

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MOLINE, Ill (KWQC) — Teacher and former student. Seated at the Steinway. Playing the piano at West Music in Moline.

Doctor Tammie Walker. Director of the School of Music at Western Illinois University. Patrick Downing a gifted pianist in his own right. The talented duet in touch with a piece of musical history. Sitting at the piano the legendary Vladimir Horowitz played to entertain audiences the world over.

Horowitz hand-picked the sensational Steinway. The instrument weighs almost one thousand pounds. It is nine feet long and was built in 1943 in New York.

When Maestro Horowitz went on tour, he insisted the concert piano go with him. It’s the same instrument he played during his return to Moscow and Leningrad. Horowitz wowed audiences at Carnegie Hall and also played at the White House. The virtuoso of the piano.

A concert grand. A piano with its own personality. On tour for the public to see at West Music in Moline.