Community reflects on 10 year anniversary of flooding

COLUMBUS JUNCTION, Iowa (KWQC) - This week marks the 10-year-anniversary of a devastating flood in the town of Columbus Junction. Since then the town has rebuilt.

In the town of Columbus Junction.

“Watching the water come down,” said Dr. Michael Todd, as he recalls the day of the flooding.

The 2008 flooding still remains the talk of the town.

“Then people taking their boats around town and getting in,” said Todd.

“Pretty overwhelming it knocked everything over, we had to throw everything away,” said Aaron Robbins, store manager of Economart.

Robbins says he remembers when the water overtook his grocery store.

“It came from this way right here, then just boom,” said Robbins.

It was a hard time for him and many businesses, but they weathered the storm.

“To be without something, people don't realize it until they are without something. It was tough you couldn't get groceries in town, you couldn't get gas in town,” said Robbins.

Now 10 years later, his store still stands strong and continues to be a local favorite. Proving hard work and community support can make a difference.

“You found out what kind of people and community you had. You would put out an alert that you needed help and you would literally get hundreds of people showing up,” said Mark Huston, Mayor of Columbus Junction.

The town is now offering to help other small towns and cities that have been affected by flooding. Reaching out to a community in Southern Missouri, that's dealing with the aftermath of floods.

“Banding together is really what it's all about. We hope we can help them now and in 10 years they will be able to help someone else,” said Mallory Smith, Columbus Junction Community Development Director.

The thing about a small town is no matter how long it's been, people always remember.

“A lot of people are new here and they don't know what happened, but for us that have been around we remember,” said Todd.

“Doesn't seem like it’s been that long, hopefully never again,” said Robbins.

Columbus Junction also flooded back in 1993, but they say it wasn't as bad as the 2008 flooding. They’re planning an even larger event to mark the anniversary sometime in July.