Cordova International Raceway is hiring for several positions

CORDOVA, Ill. (KWQC) - If you're looking for a new job and love drag racing, you may not have to look much farther.

Cordova International Raceway is accepting job applications for the 2017 racing season.

"Actually all positions that we have are open," says CIR president and general manager Dominic Blasco. "They are great positions and a great place to work."

The biggest job open is the Director of Racing which involves planning of the track side of things.

"We're looking for somebody with experience in bracket racing and kind of all phases of racing," says Blasco. "Somebody that's been in the field for awhile and the more experienced the better."

Not all jobs require several years of experience. In fact, office manager Brenda Stuart says they hope to hire several teens for their first jobs.

"It's nice to help the local economy out," she explains. "It's kind of exciting for us to hire local guys who have gone on to bigger and better things."

"It's a great starting place for all kind of opportunity and basically coming here is a great starter job," agrees Blasco.

With the World Series of Drag Racing returning in August, Cordova Raceway hopes to have a full staff ready for the busiest week of the season.

"We've already started obviously planning, booking in the races the racers and that kind of thing," Stuart says.

The Cordova International Raceway staff is looking forward to an exciting season.

"We have a great schedule this year," says Blasco.

To find out more information on how to apply or view the racing schedule, copy and paste the link below into your web browser.