Crowdfunding efforts raise thousands in one day for Idaho man with painful tumor

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(KTVB/NBC News) - An Idaho man who's lived his life with a painful facial tumor is closer to surgery after sharing his story.


Enormous medical costs have prevented 22-year-old Lucas McCulley from having the growth removed, but that all may change.

He has been living with the benign, but large and painful lymphangioma on the right side of his face since birth.

He had 24 surgeries before the age of 10, all which were unsuccessful.

He has been denied disability, which would have made him eligible for Medicaid.

"I'm in pain from the moment I wake up and right until I go to sleep," he says. "That's their problem, you can't prove pain, anybody can say they are in a bunch of pain but can't prove it. They said that my vision is fine, I'm good enough to go work in the back of a place."

Not being able to bear the cost without insurance, McCulley set up a GoFundMe as a last ditch effort to fund more surgeries. After sharing his story with NBC affiliate KTVB, pledges began rolling in.

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