Distilleries in Iowa can now sell their own alcohol, local shop celebrates new law

LE CLAIRE, Iowa (KWQC) - Mississippi River Distillery in Le Claire can finally raise its glass.
July 1st marks the first day Iowa distilleries can sell the products they make by the glass, and the Mississippi River Distillery is the first to be licensed to do so in Iowa.

Company owners have pushed to get the law passed through the state legislature since it opened in 2011. Now that they're able to sell their own products, the owner says, it's not only a win for them, it's a win for the entire community

Since 2011, they've been widely known around the area for their tours and samples.

But not anymore, now the company can shake things up, and mix and sale a few drinks of their own.

Company owner, Ryan Burchette says being able to sell his own cocktails is a dream in the making.

"Now we're hoping with all those fans, throughout the past 6 years who have been enjoying our stuff and taken a tour have a reason to come back and hang out with us for a while," Burchette said."

He also says more importantly, it's an economic boost for the community.

But the distilling company owners aren't the only ones embracing the new law. Hundreds of people came to the shop to enjoy a mixed drink or two.

"I think it's really cool, I come from Pennsylvania where they have really strict liquor laws and I think it's cool that this place was so instrumental in getting that law changed," said customer, Erin Mitchell.

With the new law in place, Burchette says his staff can get more inventive with their drink selection.

"We can't sell beer and we can't sell wine, because we can only sell the alcohol that we make here so that's lets us let our creative side go a little bit more," Burchette added.

The Mississippi River Distillery will hold it's official ribbon cutting celebrating the law on July 7th.