Iowa artist doesn't like license plate options, designs alternative

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DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO/NBC) - Fairgoers are casting their votes for Iowa's next license plate, but an Iowa artist believes Iowans deserve better.


John Bosley is a graphic designer and feels the options presented lack some creativity.

So he created alternative designs and posted it on social media... Where people are liking it left and right.

The design is based on his layers of Iowa print and features the downtown Des Moines skyline, wind turbines, bicyclists, and farmland.

Bosley says Iowans should have a license plate that stands out from the rest of the nation.

"It would be something special to have something that evokes the charm and personality of what Iowa has to offer."

Des Moines resident Cameron Miller likes Bosley's design.

"Beautiful. That I would vote for #1 for sure and it's legible; those options are difficult to read."

The DOT designed the three designs up for a vote. The winning plate design will be available sometime in 2018.