More Brandt Construction employees join strike

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Milan, Ill. (KWQC) - Two more Brandt Construction employees joined a picket line Thursday morning.

Scott and Cathy Jones decided to go on strike over pay issues and safety concerns. They join seven other Brandt employees who went on strike last summer over the same issues. Brandt said the employees resigned and ended their employment.

A judge with the National Labor Relations Board said the seven were illegally fired and ordered Brandt to give them their jobs back with full back pay.

Jones said of her decision to strike, "They would put employees in situations where there's traffic control and they wouldn't have their appropriate flaggers out there to control the traffic. And their workers would have to be out there on their own without flaggers watching traffic for them."

Brandt appealed the judge's order which is still ongoing before the National Labor Relations Board. A company representative had no comment on Thursday's additional strike.