Owners of Jimmy's Pizza give back to employees after fire

WATAGA, Ill. (KWQC) - For over two decades, Jimmy's Pizza has been a staple in Knox County.

After a fire devastated the 23 year old structure, the owners have been dealing with the emotional ups and downs.

"We went from going to work everyday to not having a job to go to," says owner Jim McCormick.

His wife has also struggled with having more free time.

"I'm used to getting up seven days a week and going to work and it's not there now," Debra McCormick says.

While the husband and wife deal with the blow to their business, they also recognize it's not only affecting them.

With the help of family, friends, and the Wataga community, they held a garage sale fundraiser on Saturday.

"People brought tents, tables, all kinds of stuff," explains Debra.

The funds will be divided up amongst the eleven Jimmy's Pizza employees.

The McCormicks' know it's not much, but they know every little bit helps.

"It's not going to take care of them for the next year, probably not the next month," admits Debra. "It might help this week."

The Wataga Fire Department also dropped by to make a donation of over five hundred dollars.

The outpouring of support from the community is why the owners are anxious to reopen.

"With all of the support we've gotten we just feel like, we feel a need to do it now," says Jim.

The owners are working with their insurance company but know the recovery process will take quite some time.