Quad Cities college aged students learn self-defense

BETTENDORF, Iowa (KWQC) - Life Fitness Center in Bettendorf hosted a college bound self-defense class Friday afternoon.

The idea behind the four hour program is to teach women how to take charge of their own security.

“Today’s class is hopefully preparing the college aged girls to go off and start living life of security which they've never really had to do before because they've always had mom, dad, friends there,” said owner of Fury Unlaced Nancy Stockwell.

She started her self-defense instruction about a year ago hoping to encourage more women to take an interest in protecting themselves.

“I think if we can encourage and educate and empower girls that we're going to have independent, intelligent and inspired women,” Stockwell said.

Friday’s focus was about college bound student. It comes at a time where movies like The Hunting Ground have put a focus on how colleges are dealing with sexual assault.

“I think those movies are really starting to make people aware of some of the issues that are out there, and so I think it’s helping people to be proactive,” Stockwell said.

Madison Haskins is preparing for her freshman year at Blackhawk College.

“When I’m alone somewhere I think about it, but I haven't actually ever faced anything like that,” Haskins said.

Friday she was proactive by learning not only how to defend herself, but also, how to sense something might not be right.

“I'm going to think about my surrounding more,” Haskins said.

“The one thing I would want them to take away more than anything else is situational awareness especially the talks we have about being on our phone having ear buds in,” Stockwell said.

Fury Unlaced is hosting another college bound self-defense class this weekend.

It is open to women aged 16-20. It is on Sunday at Big Five Power Conditioning in Davenport. Click here to learn more and sign up for the class.