Restoring belongings once disaster strikes, local companies give advice.

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CLINTON, Iowa - (KWQC) While people in Florida and Texas are suffering from losses, many in the QCA also know the feeling.

The owner of the legends bar and grill, David Holmes, basically had to start from scratch after the flooding hit his business in June. It's not quite what many in the south are going through, but he can definitely relate.

After walking through knee deep water in his parking lot, Holmes, remembers the feeling he had once he saw the damage inside his bar.
With no insurance and losing 70 thousand dollars due to flood damage, he managed to save, autographed figures and some equipment, it was the personal items he wasn't able to get to in time.

"Family stuff that I hadn't had a chance to go through after my dad died a couple years ago and a lot of that got wrecked, he never threw anything away, so there's a lot of old stuff like antiques," Holmes said.

But when the flood waters come in, restoration experts say personal items can be saved.

ServePro operations manager, Nichole Gauf says even after a few hours of drifting in the water antiques and even pictures can be restored with a dehumidifier.

"Timing is the key to save as much as you can get out there as quickly as possible," Gauf said. "These also help in if we set up a drying chamber to dry people's contents out this stuff really helps in pulling that moisture out."

Although some of his belongings are gone, Holmes says he's happy his bar is still standing.

"It's not a good feeling, I mean luckily I had some money," he said.

Restoration experts say they also want to stress the importance of flood insurance to all homeowners in the QCA.