Route 41 from Galesburg to Abingdon is back open- UPDATE

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KNOX COUNTY, Ill. (KWQC) - UPDATE: As of 9:05 PM

Illinois Route 41, flooded with dozens of emergency respondents. Because of the slippery road, it caused a tow truck to slide into a ditch.

Galesburg fire responded to call quickly, but the slick roadway also caused the fire truck to lose control, crashing into a nearby ditch, just a few yards away from the tow truck.

"In my almost 25 years I've never seen a fire truck upside down and hopefully I don't ever have to again, unfortunately, it looks like our truck has had its last ride," said Galesburg, Fire Chief, Michael McDorman.

I-DOT officials say route 41 is undergoing a 3.8 million dollar resurfacing project which will expand for 8.2 miles.
But the 3,000-foot stretch where the accidents occurred, crews needed to add fresh oil and sand to create a new layer of asphalt.
I-DOT officials say the rain caused a dangerous pathway for drivers.

"When you have water and oil mixture that creates a slick surface and so out of the blue we had a really slick surface in this 3,000 foot stretch of roadway," said IDOT Spokesperson, Kelsea Gurksi.

For nearly 3 hours cars were told to find alternate routes while IDOT expects to lay down asphalt first thing in the morning, which they say will be the solution in fixing the slick roads.

IDOT officials also want commuters taking route 41 to work tomorrow morning, to proceed with caution as they work to get the asphalt down.
Officials say they expect the resurfacing project to last another 4 weeks.

UPDATE: As of 5:05 p.m. the highway reopened to traffic.
According to the Illinois State Police, Route 41 from Galesburg to Abingdon is closed.

There have been several large vehicles that have either jack-knifed or rolled including a semi-truck, a heavy-duty tow truck, and a fire truck.

Construction work in the area along with the accidents has caused unsafe driving conditions. The road will remain closed until the conditions are fixed.

The Illinois State Police say drivers should find an alternate route. There is no estimated time for when the road will re-open.