Shooting forces lockdown on Minnesota college campus

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ST. PAUL, Minn. (NBC) - The campus of St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota was on lockdown for more than three hours Tuesday night after a security officer was shot.

St. Paul police say the unarmed security guard confronted a person on campus, in a wooded area, because it was unusual for someone to be in that area at that time of night.

Police say the male suspect, shot the officer suddenly in the shoulder.

St. Paul officers conducted a building to building search of the campus, including residence halls and apartments without finding the suspect.

"He confronted a suspect on the campus. He was working this evening as a security officer for St. Catherine's University. He was in uniform, they are not armed. He had confronted the suspect in the wooded area of the campus about being in that wooded area and was suddenly shot," said Sgt. Mike Ernster with the St. Paul Police Department.

The campus eventually gave the all clear to students after 2:00 am local time.

Anyone with information is asked to call St. Paul police.