Stop sign stops runaway trampoline in Dixon

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DIXON, Illinois (KWQC) – Tree limbs and countless other objects were sent flying Wednesday as a storm system featuring quarter-sized hail and high winds roared through Dixon.

Among the debris was a homeowner’s trampoline which was dislodged, lifted off the ground, and sent sailing down the street.

It traveled an unknown distance before it was stopped at West 3rd Street and Cropsey Avenue by, of all things, a stop sign.

Winds blew the trampoline so that its jumping mat was punctured by the edges of the stop sign, causing the trampoline to slide down the sign and preventing it from going further.

A Dixon Police officer snapped a photo which the department tweeted Thursday with the caption, “When you're blown across the street by high winds but still obey the stop sign... #LawAbidingTrampoline”.

“The officer didn't have time to speak with the owner due to the amount of calls at the time,” a Dixon Police official said.

“I'm sure their reaction was pretty shocked though!”