"The Bend" marks new beginning for East Moline

EAST MOLINE, Ill. (KWQC) - Work is officially underway for a large-scale project in East Moline people hope will bring economic prosperity.

“We're building a region, almost a new city, between East Moline and Moline,” said Mike Jacobs with Great River Property.

The 100 plus acre lot sits back along 12th Avenue in East Moline. The property was vacated by Case New Holland Plant in 2004.
Great River Property is now working to develop the large property.

“It’s nine tenths of a mile, unobstructed riverfront,” said Mike VanDeHeede, manager of Great River Property. “It's the largest piece of flood control property on the Mississippi River.

Over the next 14 months the lot full of dirt will transform into a nine story Hyatt Hotel.

“Having this revitalized we hope is the key to helping turn around the city economically,” said Jay Marrow, East Moline resident and superintendent of United Township Schools.

Residents like Marrow are excited for the possibilities this project brings.

“We're a hidden gem a lot of tourism coming through John Deere Harvester Works as well as going to the golf tournament in Silvis,” Marrow said. “We hope this will be an additional destination for people.”

VanDeHeede says the hotel is just one piece of the puzzle.

“There will be 300 apartments that will go simultaneously with the hotel,” he said.

And before people visit and call the Bend home, VanDeHeede is confident there will be plenty nearby.

“We're in negotiations with convenience store gas station people,” he said. “We're in negotiations for two or three other retail opportunities along 12th Avenue.”

It is new chapter just beginning for the City of East Moline.

“It’s an economic advantage for the city; it's an advantage to the Quad Cities just because of the Hyatt and everything else we're going to do here,” said Mayor John Thodos.