This firetruck turned heads at Tug Fest

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LeCLAIRE, Iowa (KWQC)— The battle of brawn between Iowa and Illinois took place in LeClaire for the annual Tug Fest. People were able to watch teams fight for the title in a tug of war against each other across the Mississippi River.

Tugger Savannah Smith said she did the junior tug competition.

“It’s a big thing for LeClaire that everyone likes to go to, it’s really fun to do,” said Smith.

Teams did not just tug for notoriety, some tugged in honors of loved ones.

While everyone was watching the battle against Illinois, some viewers signed their loved ones’ names on a bright pink fire truck.

Pinks Heals member Elizabeth Tribley said the fire truck represents people battling cancer.

“We provide home visits to show them love and support and just be there for them and encourage show they are special during the difficult time they are going through,” said Tribley.

Tribley said being able to carry the names of loved ones lost hits home.

“I actually lost my grandma several years ago to breast cancer, and so having someone there to love and support you and know what you're going through is so amazing,” said Tribley.

Hundreds of names filled the around the truck. Hannah Pieler went to Tug Fest to visit her dad. She said after looking at the truck she had to sign it in honor of her grandparents.

“My grandma, unfortunately, passed away from breast cancer and my grandpa just got diagnosed with brain cancer,” said Pieler.

Pieler said having the pink truck at Tug Fest was honorable those who lost their lives to cancer. She feels a pink truck should be placed in every community.

According to Tribley, the pink fire truck began after founder and former firefighter Dave Graybill from Arizona decided to give back to the community.

“Every truck is named after a person, who is a lady who lost her life to cancer,” said Tribley.

The pink truck at Tug Fest was to honor late police officer Leslie Anne Hulse of Fishers Indiana who lost her battle to breast cancer.

Members said the Founder Dave Graybill hopes to bring Pink Heals to every community in the future.

For more information on how to create a Pink Heals chapter here’s the website: