Weather looks good for Perseids but rising moon could limit viewing

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QUAD CITIES, IA & Ill. (KWQC) If you are a fan of astronomy, you're in luck! The weather will be beautiful for viewing the Perseid Meteor Shower. Skies will be mostly clear and things will be feeling chilly as temperatures fall into the 50s following sunset on Saturday.

Though skies look dry and clear, you'll be fighting the light of a Waning Gibbous moon. Though the moon will not be completely full, three quarters of illumination will be enough light to limit your viewing opportunities. Moon rise for our area on August 12 occurs at 10:59 p.m.. This means that you will have better chances of seeing more meteors before the moon rises and adds additional light to the sky. If you can, find a dark place away from populated areas and make sure the city lights are at your back. You'll still be able to see meteors following moon rise but the number of "shooting stars" you spot won't likely be as high.

According to EarthSky, you'll be able to see the Perseid's through sunrise on August 19th but peak viewing occurs this weekend.