Work zone crash leaves driver shaken up, police urge drivers be cautious in work zone areas

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BETTENDORF, Iowa (KWQC) - It's hard not to notice that several roadways in the QCA are under construction this Spring. Tuesday night one driver had a close call near the I-74 bridge while trying to merge into traffic in a work zone.

The driver sideswiped the car, ripping off the rearview mirror in the process, then sped off. Police say a combination of aggressive driving and limited lanes is getting more dangerous.

Although this particular crash was a close call for the driver police say it could have been a lot worse. There have been 82 confirmed traffic deaths in the state of Iowa alone. 2 of those have been in construction zones.

Police say traffic merging into these work zones have been the latest causes of work zone accidents.

One of the issues we have, is when you have to merge down to one lane there's always confusion about what to do as far as merging," said Bettendorf Police Captain Keith Kimball.

"What we do see sometimes, is people trying to block the one lane, not allowing people to come by and often times we see that cause road rage incidents," he continued.

Bettendorf police also want to remind drivers that drivers can face
fines up to $1,000, if caught speeding in these constructions zones.