Lottery Results



Winning Numbers: 01-21-31-45-49, Powerball: 21, Power Play: 2
Last Draw: 05/26/2018
Current Jackpot: $60,000,000.00

MEGA Millions

MEGA Millions

Winning Numbers: 11-14-51-64-68, Mega Ball: 25, Megaplier: 4
Last Draw: 05/25/2018
Current Jackpot: $84,000,000.00

Illinois Midday 4 Fireball

Midday 4 Fireball

Winning Numbers: 3
Last Draw: 05/27/2018

Illinois Evening 3 Fireball

Evening 3 Fireball

Winning Numbers: 4
Last Draw: 05/26/2018

Illinois Midday 3 Fireball

Midday 3 Fireball

Winning Numbers: 0
Last Draw: 05/27/2018

Illinois Lotto


Winning Numbers: 04-13-20-24-37-44, Extra Shot: 03
Last Draw: 05/26/2018
Current Jackpot: $2,500,000.00

Illinois LuckyDay Lotto Evening

LuckyDay Lotto Evening

Winning Numbers: 02-16-23-31-38
Last Draw: 05/26/2018
Current Jackpot: $250,000.00

Illinois Pick 4 Evening

Pick 4 Evening

Winning Numbers: 3-2-2-2
Last Draw: 05/26/2018

Illinois Pick 4 Midday

Pick 4 Midday

Winning Numbers: 1-0-8-5
Last Draw: 05/27/2018

Illinois Pick 3 Evening

Pick 3 Evening

Winning Numbers: 6-5-1
Last Draw: 05/26/2018

Illinois Pick 3 Midday

Pick 3 Midday

Winning Numbers: 1-7-9
Last Draw: 05/27/2018

Illinois Evening 4 Fireball

Evening 4 Fireball

Winning Numbers: 7
Last Draw: 05/26/2018

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