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Doc said he was being 'treated like a black person' during arrest

Jeffrey Epstein, the white doctor at the center of a viral video showing him complaining that he was being "treated like a black person" during an arrest at Orlando International Airport on Thursday, now says he created the disturbance on purpose to "prove a point" about police use of excessive force.

Special Forces soldier charged with smuggling Colombian cocaine into Florida

Army Master Sgt. Daniel Gould was arrested after DEA agents found 40 kilos of coke in two backpacks on a military airplane in Colombia bound for an Air Force base in Florida.

Amid sex abuse scandal, Catholics say trust in the church is broken

"The people of the church are messed up," said one congregant in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. "It's not the church's teachings."

A Reporter's Notebook: Covering homelessness hits close to home

Since Craig Melvin started in journalism, telling the stories of those who wind up living on the streets has been a passion. Homelessness is something he had heard about since he was a little kid -- from his mother, about his own grandfather

Husband arrested in family's murder had financial struggles

The couple seemed to be in domestic bliss — but now family of Chris and Shanann Watts are left to wonder if he's capable of killing her and their children.