Midday Medical

Midday Medical: Heart disease awareness

Midday Medical: Glaucoma Awareness Month

Midday Medical - Supplements for bone health, flu activity

Midday Medical - Eyes and air travel

Midday Medical - Sticking to your resolutions

Midday Medical: HPV and cancer

Midday Medical - Diabetic Retinopathy

Midday Medical - New blood pressure guidelines

Midday Medical: Holiday stress and mental health issues

Midday Medical - Shingles in the eyes

Midday Medical - Physical Therapy

Midday Medical - Flu Season preps

Midday Medical - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Midday Medical - Gender differences in vision

Midday Medical: Over-the-counter hearing aids

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Low vaccination rates drive measles outbreaks

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An official GoFundMe account has raised over 1.7 million dollars, but the company says it's taking precautions against scammers ready to take advantage of the tragedy.

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Alex van der Zwaan was charged Feb. 16 for making false statements about his communications with former Trump campaign aide Rick Gates.