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IL Medicaid Reform Could Close Rock Falls Medical Clinic


The Whiteside County Health Department is warning they may be forced to close their clinic in Rock Falls, IL as a result of changes to the state's Medicaid system.

Under the new plan, only individuals making less than 133% of the federal poverty level are eligible for the program. It also eliminates adult dental care outside of emergencies, limits prescriptions to four per month, and adds a co-pay of $3.60 for patients.

"I don't know if we can keep the clinic open," Beth Fiorini, Clinic Administrator, told KWQC.

"We are already looking at staffing, people are retiring and we are not filling those positions, we may have to do more with less," Fiorini said.

Fiorini fears her clinic will lose about 1,500 patients and 5,000 visits each year as a result of the changes, costing thousands of dollars in revenue.

One employee is getting hit not only with the potential loss of her job but also the loss of her Medicaid coverage.

"I live at home to save money and to support my son and the one thing the state gives me to help which is my medical card they are going to take now," Jennifer Bowman told KWQC.

Bowman will lose coverage because she makes more than the newly established 133% threshold.

The changes take effect July 1st and many Medicaid patients have yet to be notified of the new rules.

"I still to this day have not received a single thing from my local DHS office telling me this is going to happen - I only know about it from being here," Bowman said.

State Representative Rich Morthland defended the decision of the state to pass the reforms - saying the measures are necessary.

"This is an extremely difficult set of cuts and as bad as it is, it would have been worse to not have made them," Morthland said.