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Financial Help For Families Of Sick Children


It's devastating for families when a child is stricken with a serious illness or injury. Many parents can't afford treatment which only adds to the heartache. However, there are some grants available to help pay for the care their child needs.

The grant money is available to anyone who meets the guidelines and who already has commercial insurance. It doesn't cover people on Medicare or Medicaid.

For more information, click on the links below;

United Healthcare Children's Foundation

This nonprofit organization provides grants for services not covered by health plans. Grants typically are worth up to $5,000, although exceptions apply. Funds do not go directly to the parent or guardian, but to approved medical invoices. Children must be 16 or younger and live in the United States. Family income limits also apply.

Aubrey Rose Foundation

Honoring the memory of Aubrey Rose, who lost her battle with heart and lung ailments before reaching age 3, this group provides funds for families dealing with the medical expenses of children with life-threatening illnesses. Applicants should submit a letter of inquiry, including information about themselves, their child's medical situation and what benefits they would like to receive. You'll also need to provide insurance information, if applicable, and outstanding bills. Based on need, awards are distributed on a quarterly basis.

Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation

This foundation provides medical grants to young cancer patients and their families under its Small Miracle/Bear Hugs Program. While the foundation also offers grants for pediatric cancer research, the Bear Hugs Program is limited to Illinois residents no older than 19 or those treated at an Illinois medical facility with a cancer diagnosis. Funds are available for patients and their families to deal with various aspects of cancer treatment, including financial challenges.

The National Children's Cancer Society

This organization provides funds to pediatric cancer patients from lower-income families. Monies may be used to pay for medical bills, health insurance premiums, transportation, meals and lodging related to treatment. Cancer patients must be younger than 18 and U.S. citizens or permanent legal residents. Those families with liquid assets of more than $5,000 may be required to partially pay for assistance. Payments are made directly to eligible families.