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Prairie Grass A Nuisance In Buffalo?


Jeanne Hedges has been working to grow this prairie grass around her home for ten years. 

"I just love the prairie eco system, and I love the way it looks, and wanted to recreate a small prairie of my own," she says. 

But after a visit from the new city inspector, she was asked to get rid of them.  

"He [the city inspector] said he felt it was a bunch of weeds and he didn't like the look of it and wanted it removed," Hedges says. 

So she went to two city council meetings to fight to keep her prairie garden, even getting letters from conservation experts saying these plants are safe, but the city still wants them gone. 

"Since then I've received a letter from the city saying that it is a problem, and I need to cut it down," Hedges says. 

City code states grass needs to be cut once it grows over ten inches, the city says they're just trying to enforce the law. 

"That's why our building inspector's got a problem with it, how can we tell other people to cut theirs down, and they're going to say ‘Well what about this lady here she's got stuff that's way high,'" Mayor Doug Anderson says. 

"We're not trying to bully her," he says, "Somebody made this code a long time ago and we have to enforce the codes." 

Now it will come down to the city council to decide if these prairie grasses are a nuisance or a garden.  

"I understand she wants to keep it, it'll be up to the council what they want to do with it," the mayor says. 

"It's none of my business what people do in their yards, and I don't understand why it's a problem," Hedges says.