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Preppers Ready For Any Sort of "Revolution"

Updated: Oct 1, 2012 10:53 PM CDT

Survival and self-reliance. If you're been watching NBC's new show Revolution, you're familiar with the fictional story of a complete, catastrophic blackout. But some say it could be a real possibility. More people are going to great lengths to make sure they are prepared for any of life's uncertainties.

What if all the lights went out and water from your faucet was not longer option? Off-the-grid expert Brian Brawdy says, to each person the end of the world is something different. "Everyone wants to make this big, 'oh, the modern day survivalist.' This is centuries old stuff. When you can't call on anyone else can you call on yourself?"

Formerly, Brawdy was a weapons specialist in the military and a police officer. Then it was his stint in journalism covering Hurricane Katrina that had him shifting gears. "I witnessed first hand what happens when a system breaks down," said Brawdy.

Fellow preppers out there worry about everything from a mega-quake to solar flares, or currency collapse and hyper inflation. In Brawdy's opinion, something like what NBC's Revolution portrays isn't that farfetched. It could be caused by man or mother nature. "One little attack on the grid has a cascading affect that could knock out an entire region of the country," added Brawdy.

For every possible scenario there are just as many ways preppers go about getting ready. From stockpiling food and water, to investing in alternative sources of energy.

"You just gotta have a plan, that's what it means," said Brawdy. In the event society hits the reset button, Brawdy's plan includes things like solar generators, water filtration, a supply of dehydrated food, and it's all complete with practice drills.

"Not only having a first aid kit but knowing how to use it. Then it just extends your chances of survival in the initial panic."

Preparedness also draws from primitive human nature, learning gardening skills for example. And, like Charlie in Revolution, Brawdy too is equipped with a crossbow. "For me it's a nice quiet, compact weapon I can use for hunting in some states, or if you needed to in self defense."

A booming business in the small town of Thomson, Illinois has a feel for the growing awareness and involvement in prepping. The Heirloom Market, a subsidiary of Solution From Science, sells a lot of survival kits and technologies as well as heirloom seeds many would use for a survival garden.

"People are becoming more aware of what it takes to be self-reliant and what they need to do to get there," said Tony Belha, Heirloom Market's Business Development Specialist.

While there may be a host of misconceptions of the prepping movement, Brawdy says he hopes a glimpse into it will encourage more self-reliance for whatever the future holds. "I don't think you need a fortress. I don't think you need a 50 caliber with ten thousand rounds of ammunition. You can leave the tin foil and repeating rifle behind and just have a plan," said Brawdy.

There are legitimate prepping groups out there that are seeing major growth. The American Preppers Network has about 22,000 registered members. There are forums for all of the fifty states.

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