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Seasonal Hiring Around The Quad Cities Starts


The September jobs report has been released and it shows for the first time in nearly four years the unemployment rate has fallen below 8%. According to the report, the number of people without jobs fell to 7.8%. In September, employers added 114,000 jobs. There were also 86,000 jobs that had not been accounted for in July and August.

If you are wondering who is hiring, the healthcare sector added 44,000 jobs. Positions are also being added in the transportation industry and reports show 17,000 jobs were added.

Locally, companies are starting the process of hiring seasonal employees. Temp agencies say it's still early in the hiring game and companies have not posted for positions. However, that should change in a few weeks. Many businesses have put up signs and are hiring help for the holidays. They say seasonal hiring is just getting started, so there are plenty of part-time jobs available. People applying for the jobs are a mix between those that are unemployed and those who need extra money for the holidays. 

"Typically it's a mix, we see both. Usually people pick up an extra job around the holidays for extra spending money. A lot of times we have people that have worked with us previously for holiday hiring, because they like it," says Suzanne Vos, a store leader at JCPenney, "Obviously our busiest time if from Black Friday through Christmas and those people really make the difference to keep up with our customers and our traffic."

Seasonal workers typically work through the first of the year, but sometimes the positions can become permanent.