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UPDATE: Saving The Moline Train Depot


Moline aldermen have decided to hold off on plans to sell the Moline Train Depot. At the urging of the mayor, council voted to give the Moline Preservation Society 70-days to save the depot. The preservation society has to raise $155,000 to move the depot from its current location on River Drive to the new WIU Quad Cities Riverfront Campus. So far, the society has raised almost $30,000 and the fundraising effort is on fast track.

"We're talking to corporations, foundations, anybody we can think of." says Moline Preservation Society President Diann Moore, "We are even talking with railroad organizations, museums, and owners of railroad lines. We need to get this out to as many people as possible."

If the society does not raise enough money the city will sell the 112-year old depot to the Illinois Department of Transportation. The depot will then be demolished to make way for a new I-74 bridge. The society has until December 18th to raise the money.