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Conceal Carry Town Hall Meeting In Moline


It's a controversial subject, and Tuesday night, October 16, 2012, a town hall meeting is being held to discuss Right To Carry legislation in Illinois. The meeting will be held from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the Moline Club in downtown Moline, Ill.

With the issue on some counties' ballots this November, organizers with Illinois Carry hope to build understanding and support for the issue statewide. The organization wants to get the word out to Illinois residents that the right to carry a firearm for personal protection is fundamental. They say residents are being denied that right compared to other states. According to the organizers, every state, except Illinois, has some form of right to carry law in force.

A Conceal Carry law would allow county sheriffs to issue permits to people 21 and older who have gone through training courses, and pass background checks.

Rock Island County Sheriff, Jeff Boyd wants the extra responsibility. He tells KWQC he isn't worried about people carrying concealed weapons. He says if people want to cause trouble, they'll do it regardless.

"It's never been the gun, it's always been the behavior associated with the gun. So the behavior is the key. And with us being, and by us I mean the state of Illinois, being the only state in which we don't have some form of carry law."

Organizers hope that those who attend Tuesday's event will provide a motive for change and help build support for the issue on a statewide level.