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Davenport Road Construction Update


There's some good news and bad news involving road construction in Davenport. The good news is that construction on River Drive is almost complete. The bad news is that there will be some other lane closures beginning in the next couple of days.

The following information comes from the City of Davenport's website:

Starting Thursday, October 18th, the Sewer Division will be closing the 2300 Block of Arlington Avenue between E Denison Avenue and E Rusholme for sanitary line repairs. The work should be completed by Friday, October 26, 2012.

Beginning Tuesday, October 16th, a full-depth patch by city crews in the 1700 block of W 53rd Street will reduce the road to head to head traffic in the south lanes. Work is expected to take a little over a week, with the closure moving to the 1900 block for another patch at that time.

East River Drive Resurfacing Project

Work on the East River Drive Resurfacing Project continues from Bridge Avenue to the East City Limits. The asphalt surface in the eastbound lanes has been rotomilled, and areas that require patching have been identified and are being worked on. Multiple sewer and water repairs in the section between Bridge and Mound are still in progress with completion of those repairs expected in the next week or so.

Repairs in the south two lanes between Mound and the East City Limits have been completed and the lanes overlaid with new asphalt. Traffic will be moved onto those lanes on Wednesday, October 16th, sometime during the morning and after rush hour with vehicles continuing to run one lane in each direction. Once the traffic is moved over, the north two lanes from Mound to the East City Limits will be milled and patched, and the sewers repaired.