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Biden's Rally A Lesson For Eighth Graders


Iowa has seen it's share of politicians stop in for two years now. And they seem to visit almost every other week. But for school kids, it's still not every day a Vice President visits your school.

"It'd be like a one in a million years experience," says Cami Schrer.

Some of Muscatine's eighth graders just wrapped up studying government in social studies. And the district saw a learning opportunity in the vice president's visit. A drawing was held, and 10 students were able to win a ticket to see Joe Biden.

"We were learning about the Constitution and what the cabinets do, and what the president does and how his job works."

Schrer says she didn't know much about our political system. Just two facts about the president.

"I just knew that he in lived in the White House and he helped with the laws."

She's learned a bit more after the class. And says this is a cool way to liven up the textbook.

"It just gives you a lot more information than a book does, or a teacher does, it just tells you what's going on."

Nathan Holliday says, "I was really excited I got to come because I just wanted to see what they wanted to talk about and see what they want to do with us and what they want to do with the country."

He hasn't paid much attention to politics. But says Biden's stop is pretty convenient.

"It's close and I don't have to drive far."

He'll take the government course next semester. But thinks he'll take away more from the in person experience.

"I think it's better than a textbook because you actually get to hear them in person and they won't change it up like they do in the books."

The school district let parents know this was a partisan campaign event.

Students needed their parents permission before they could enter their names in the drawing.