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Shoe Drive Underway In Rock Island


When's the last time you noticed someone's shoes?

They can be a fashion accessory to some, but a luxury to others.

There's an effort in our area now to help get shoes to those who need them.

The census numbers show times are tough for some people living in Rock Island County.

The government estimates 14 percent of all it's residents live in poverty.

And in that group, 20 percent of the poor are children.

One Rock Island High School senior says kid's shoes reveal part of that story.

And she's determined to help those in need, take a small step forward.

"I see it every day, kids who don't have really good shoes," says Rocky senior Macia Hudson-Guy. She's seen kids with worn out shoes ever since grade school.

"They just didn't seem very comfortable to walk in, especially if it was cold out or there would be holes in them, tears," says Hudson-Guy.

So as a bit of a shoe fanatic, Macia decided to do something.

"I have tons of 'em, but I don't wear em all, so I figured since I don't wear 'em, I should give them to people who can't afford them."

She decided to donate seven pairs of her shoes to those in need. And turned her donation into a shoe drive.

"Three pairs of my son's shoes, and a pair of my old tennis shoes," says Megan Manning.

One pair of shoes she brought are her son's baptism shoes. Worn only once.

"There are better causes than just getting rid of them, throwing them out, and people can use them," says Manning.

Macia's drive to help doesn't surprise her mother Michelle.

"Since she was a little girl, has always wanted to lend her toys, or share things with people, her friends," says Guy.

But giving away shoes was a bit unexpected.

"She's crazy about shoes, but so to give up something that she has passion for, was a shock."

Macia hopes to collect a hundred pair. But will be happy...

"We've already got more than I thought we would have, we're doing pretty good."

With as many soles as she can get.

Shoe donations will be accepted at the Martin Luther King Jr. center in Rock Island between nine and five during the week.

And between one and three next Saturday.

The shoes will be handed out later this month.