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Teaming Up To Fight Fraud In Galesburg



     Teaming up to fight fraud. It's something that could affect any business, and right now many can't afford to be victims. Two entities in Galesburg are now partnering up to stay on top of the problem.  
     There's going to be more communication and sharing information when something isn't right. Now, whenever the police department comes across fake cash or something like a fraudulent payroll check, they tell the Galesburg Area Chamber of Commerce. The chamber then alerts member businesses. It's something small that business owners say could make a big difference.
     While pizzas are flying out the door at Pizza House in Galesburg, co-owner DeWayne Sperlin and his employees have to be careful of what's coming in. The business has been on the receiving end of counterfeit money circulating around the community. "One five dollar bill came through here. We didn't catch who got it, but it was on delivery we thought," said Sperlin.
     It may not seem like a lot, but for a small business a few bucks is a few too many to lose. "That's five dollars out of my pocket. The way the economy is now a days it's tough for everybody," added Sperlin.
     But the Pizza House will now get a heads up when fraudulent activity is happening in the community. If, for example, forged checks or phony bills turn up, the police department now sends word to the Chamber of Commerce. Then, member businesses will get an alert with specific information on the incident so businesses know what to look for.
     "If the bill is fresh, crisp, or if it's bad we'll find out right away. We it comes to that we get a warning, we're more alert about it."
      Before, Sperlin says notifications mostly came from word of mouth. While many businesses use markers to check large bills, getting official warning when there's an issue will help managers and employees be more vigilant. "You just kind of alert your employees to look a little closer," said Sperlin.
     He hopes it will better help his and other businesses hold onto hard-earned revenue. "We're watching every penny when it's coming in and out the door."
     Galesburg police officials say they have had issues before where travelers come into town and cash fake payroll checks and fake bills popping up every once and a while.  Experts say about one-tenth of one percent of all American bills in the world are fakes.