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Last Minute Campaigning In The Quad Cities


With Election Day just a few hours away the campaigns are in overdrive trying to sway voters. TV6 checked in with our local campaign offices to see how the final campaign hours are going.

"The last 24 hour push is critical," says Susie Carpentier, Chair of the RICO Republicans.

At Rock Island County Republican headquarters, phone calls are coming in, people are stopping in asking for yard signs and they are asking questions.

"They're still calling and asking about individual candidates and positions," says Carpentier, "So, we try to answer all of those questions."

The majority of volunteers are not at headquarters.

"We have every available person out on the streets," adds Carpentier, "We're still knocking on doors and we had a rally for Romney this morning out at the airport."

As the election clock winds down, the pace volunteers work at will pick up.

"Polls open at 6am, we have boots on the ground at 5am," says Carpentier, "The adrenaline will get us through tomorrow night."

The Scott County Democrats headquarters are busy.

"We want to make sure we get out that vote and contact all of the Obama supporters," says Linda Halverson a Scott Co. Democrats Volunteer, "We want to make sure they've gotten to the polls."

Volunteers are making phone calls to people who have not voted.

"There are a lot of phone calls to make," says Kay Konrarday, a Scott Co. Democrats Volunteer, "There are people out canvassing and everybody's doing something, we're all trying to help."

On Election Day the work will continue.

"We're going to be very busy tomorrow, because it's Election Day obviously and even though Iowa has been big on voting early there's still a lot of people who haven't made it to the polls," adds Halverson, "We want to make sure they get there."

Volunteers add the campaign office will be buzzing from when the polls open until they close.

"It's exciting, this is the fun time everybody's pulling together and doing their part," adds Konrardy.