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Loebsack Defeats Archer


Iowa's Second District incumbent, democrat Dave Loebsack, will receive a fourth term in office. Loebsack was the winner of Tuesday night's election over his republican opponent John Archer.

The numbers that came in show that he did well in traditional parts of his district. Johnson County was very strong. But the numbers in the new areas of the district, Clinton and Scott Counties, all came in very strong for the democratic side of the ticket as well, with all of the numbers from the 2010 election flipping from republican counties over to the democratic side.

The congressman says he worked hard to get these numbers and deserved this victory. "I do think it's a testament to all the work that I've been doing here over the last year and a half, my team's doing, getting to know folks, deepening my ties with this community, but not just here, but in the other new counties as well."

The congressman says his immediate focus now is to head back to Washington and work on several major issues, including the fiscal cliff which would take effect, in January 2013.