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Hostess Is Going Out Of Business


Twinkies are supposed to last forever, but it could be the end of the American icon. Hostess, the maker of Twinkies and Wonder Bread, has announced it is going out of business. The news comes after a strike by Hostess workers at 12 plants. Hostess gave workers a deadline that they had to return to work by Thursday or the company would file for bankruptcy. The workers union had rejected cuts that would of reduced wages and benefits by 27-to-32 percent. 

"People have said hey you're threatening with liquidation and I've said all along this is a consequence of the strike, but the economy is where it is," says Hostess CEO Gregory Rayburn.

"We can't live on eight bucks an hour. We have to make a decent living and they don't want to do that, so the union had no choice but to take them out," says a Hostess worker at the Waterloo Plant.

Hostess shutting down has become a hot topic. People are upset to see a favorite childhood brand go out of business.  

"Wonder Bread and Hostess is something I grew up with as a kid," says Hostess Customer Ted Teel, "Everybody knew the commercials and the jingles."

In just a matter of hours Hostess treats, like Twinkies, ding dongs and zingers, started selling like hot cakes all over the Quad Cities.

"It's an iconic item," adds Teel, "You know "Twinkie the Kid", everyone I know grew up with "Twinkie the Kid" and it's sad to see."

At the Davenport and Moline Hostess Outlets shelves were empty.

"I was in shock, there was nothing in there," says Hostess Customer Wynn Hammes, "It was like everyone in the world went in there and got everything, and it was wiped out."

For many people losing Hostess is like loosing a piece of their childhood.

"Hostess has been around since who knows," adds Wynn, "It's American; it's an institution, so it will be bad about everybody."

Hostess going out of business isn't just the loss of favorite foods. It also means more than 18,000 people are out of work.

"I mean it's going to be tough, it's a very difficult situation for everybody," says Teel.

30 Hostess factories, 500 distribution centers and 500 bakery outlets, including all of our local ones, will close their doors.

"It's part of what's happening in America," says Wynn, "I mean you never know day to day what's going to be and what's not going to be."

Many Hostess fans are hopeful the products will find a new home, so Twinkies will do what they're supposed to and last forever.

"I love Twinkies," adds Wynn, "Everyone is going to miss Twinkies."

Local hostess outlets are still open. There is no work on when they will shut down.

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