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Local Internet Retailers Benefit From Cyber Monday


    If you did some shopping with the click of mouse Monday you're among some 20 million people expected to get in on Cyber Monday. It's on track to becoming the biggest online shopping day ever, but it's not just the major retail websites looking to get a boost.
     Shoppers are spending an estimated $1.5 billion online this Cyber Monday. While online retail giants like Amazon and QVC are offering deep discounts, let's not forget about some small home-grown businesses that are looking to get a piece of the pie.
     As shoppers are filling their carts with a click people like Joy Murphy are on the other end with items ready to ship. "I am an Internet retailer. I sell probably 90 percent of my sales are on the Internet." 
     Murphy started making personalized Christmas stockings in her home in Rock Island 18 years ago and now sells them all over the world. This year, she made a lot more stockings to have in-stock for Cyber Monday and she's seeing a big increase in interest and orders.
     "Right now I'm about three times what I normally would do on any given day of the week. We see a big increase," said Murphy.
     Aside from her website, Murphy is taking advantage of other technologies to makes sales. "They can skype or face time, I'll take them through the workshop."
     Over in Davenport the book business also gets a boost from the Internet. "I noticed the type of books being bought look more like gift type books," said Dan Pekios, owner of Source Book Store.
     While Pekios would rather see more people physically browsing the aisles, he says cyber shopping makes for a nice pick-up in sales during the holiday season. "It keeps the hype up and keeps people rolling. They're buying. A lot of hoopla that way and it's got people excited talking about Black Friday and Cyber Monday," said Pekios.
     It may be hard to compete when 85 percent of retailers have a special promotion on Cyber Monday. That's why businesses like these also count on shoppers who do their homework. "I've had a couple people call me and say I found you because I entered Christmas stocking made in the USA," added Murphy.
     The number of shoppers who planned to use their smartphones or other mobile device this Cyber Monday is 20.4 million this year. That's up from 17.8 million in 2011. More than 85 percent of consumers spent more than three hours online shopping while at work.