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Drug Dealers using Mail to Distribute Drugs to the Quad Cities

Updated: Nov 28, 2012 06:47 PM CST

Drugs have been found in packages at local post offices twice this week. On Monday, Justin Thompson of Davenport, was arrested after police discovered 517 grams of marijuana in a package addressed to him.

On the same day Chaston Gomez, Forest Norville, Kyle Kaminski, and William Powell were arrested in Galesburg. Authorities say a package for them contained ten pounds of marijuana. Those four face charges of cannabis conspiracy and possession of cannabis with intent to deliver.

Quad City Meg agents say sending and receiving illegal drugs through the mail is nothing new, in fact, they say it happens daily here in our area. However, they say since Colorado legalized pot, the number of packages containing the drug has nearly doubled.

"We have an interdiction group that specializes in postal interdiction, one of the things they do is work with a variety of different agencies including the United States Postal Inspector for one, they also work with people in DHS, FedEX, and UPS," said Kevin Winslow, Quad City MEG Director.

Winslow says the interdiction group goes into local mail rooms several times a month and checks for suspicious packages. He says they are trained in what packaging details to look for and they also use canines to help sniff the drugs out.

Winslow says a big reason so many packages with marijuana are making their way to our area is because of money.

"It's got nothing to do with medicinal use, its primary purpose is to be distributed for profit."

He says the THC levels in pot from the West coast are very high and because it is now legal in several states there, people are selling it to folks in the Midwest for more money.

"They are doubling or tripling their money selling it here in the Quad Cities."

He says mailing has become a popular distribution method because dealers feel more anonymous when they are sending drugs.

"Instead of sending 25 pounds at one time, they will send five pounds five different ways and several will make it through."

However, Winslow says the interdiction agents have caught on to drug dealers plans.

"Interdiction efforts have really hampered some of the distribution avenues for these groups."

Winslow says even if it is legal to buy marijuana in a state like Colorado, it is still a federal crime for people there to ship it to places like the Quad Cities. He says agents will travel to other states to arrest people caught doing this.

As far as those receiving the pot, they can be charged for several things, including conspiracy to commit a felony and drug possession or delivery.

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