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The Marilyn House!


It starts with a fifty cent postcard and has grown into a twenty thousand dollar collection. Lisa-Lindsey-Moburg has a huge Marilyn Monroe Collection. Much of her Moline home is decorated with items about the Hollywood glamour girl and actress. Lisa calls her home the Marilyn House.

Twenty three years ago, Lisa got a Marilyn Monroe postcard.  Since then, her home has become a shrine for all things Marilyn. She has collected photos, books, plates, magazines, clothing, dolls, an oil painting and hundreds of other items depicting the actress.

Lisa also has a garage with Marilyn photos. Monroe's real name was Norma Jean Baker. Lisa says her mother's first name was also Norma. That was one of the factors that got Lisa interested in learning more about Marilyn Monroe.

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's death. Lisa says Marilyn was always looking to be accepted. She never thought she was good enough. 

Lisa thinks much of the fun in collecting is to find an item she does not have. The thrill, she believes, is constantly being on the lookout for another piece for her extensive collection.