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Living Without Power In Bureau County


over two thousand people have spent hours without power in Bureau County.

Electric companies have been working hard to get the lights back on, but Ameren said lots of lines and poles were damaged.

The number of those with out power has been steadily improving.

Those without lights, or heat, made it through their day, although daily routines ended up a little messy.

There's no hot coffee ready in the electric coffee maker to wake up to.

There's no way to pump gas either at the gas station.

Thousand of Bureau County residents spent Friday in the cold.

Waiting to get their routines back in order.

"It gets hard out here sometimes, but you just do what you got to do and make the best of it," says Deb Adams.

She has spent 37 years in Neponset. She says power outages happen from time to time. Friday though, was a rather strange one for Adams and her husband.

"Headed to an area that had cell service and found out I didn't have to work."

The power went out around 3:30 Thursday. Still wasn't on when they got up at 4:30 this morning. So the hunt for a hot cup of joe began.

"Went into Sheffield, they didn't have any, didn't have any power either, Buda, Wyanet, all out that way."

The Adams got a cup of coffee at Deb's sister's café in Kewanee, 10 miles from home. When they returned to Neponset they spent the rest of the day outside in the garage.

"Cleared our driveway, cleared around the neighborhood, and camping out in the garage watching a portable DVD player."

Captain's Courageous helped distract the Adam's from a cold, powerless Friday. They did get their mail though.

"Yes, this area is typical for that," says Bill Graves.

He delivers mail for the Postal Service. He says folks out here are used to outages, and this one was widespread.

"Post offices in Buda, Sheffield, Neponset, and when I was driving through Henry last night they didn't have any power."

An Ameren spokesperson says the lights should be back on by Friday night. Crews made it into Neponset by noon. Once the lights come back on Adam's says she'll stay in the garage a little longer.

"It's warmer sitting in the truck with it running than in the house."

A cold house takes a couple hours to heat up.