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Quad Cities Salvation Army 100K Short Its Goal


The weather may be to blame for the Salvation Army in the Quad Cities falling short of its annual fundraising goal. The storm that hit the area last week forced the charitable organization to pull its bell-ringers from the malls and stores for one day.

That loss in collections is believed to be a contributing factor for a $100,000 shortfall in reaching the $725,000 goal. The bell-ringing campaign amounts to about 60 percent of the Salvation Army's annual budget for facilities in Davenport and Moline. 

"We provide the basics all year long to people who are suffering," said Holly Nomura Salvation Army Development Director. "If it's food or shelter, housing or clothing or youth programs, there are many ways the Salvation Army reaches out to those who are lonely or have no place else to go."

It's not too late to help out. The organization is still collecting for the next three weeks. You can mail a donation or donate online.