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Salvation Army Helps Couple Keep Their Baby


The Salvation Army in the Quad Cities is still $100,000 away from it's fundraising goal this year. Last Thursday the snow kept volunteers from ringing the bells for the red kettle campaign. The goal for the Quad Cities is $725,000. The money accounts for 60 percent of the yearly budget at the Salvation Army. Part of that budget helps fund the family shelter in Davenport.

Wednesday we met with a family who says they wouldn't all be together if it weren't for the support of the Salvation Army. The Larkins were eight and a half months pregnant with their first daughter when they arrived at the shelters door step at the end of November. The two, who are originally from Chicago, say they came to the Quad Cities on a bus with nothing but a suitcase full of hope.

"We were able to find a place to go that helped my family be closer together and I really appreciate that," said Latish Larkins between tears.

Latish gave birth to her daughter, Decembra Winter, just five days ago. She says until she got help at the Salvation Army she was afraid she was going to have to giver her baby up for adoption.

"It's been terrible, just really terrible trying to keep a steady roof over our head, trying to keep some type of income."

She says she and her husband William, were bouncing from shelter to shelter in Chicago trying to find work, but with no luck.

"We looked at different cities and decided to come to Iowa and this where everything started to happen good for us. I am going to be working as soon as I recover fully from having the baby and that's something I am really happy about."

Until they get on their feet the couple will be staying at the shelter. Thanks to staff there they now have everything they need to take care of Decembra.

"There was just a lot a month ago that we didn't even see happening at all and it was within, less then 30 days, we were able to come together as a family and its just overwhelming right now," William Larkins said.

The Salvation Army is collecting donations until January 15th. Head to this web site for more information: