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Iowa Department of Transportation Will Issue Real ID's


The Iowa Department of Transportation is going to start issuing Real ID's on January 15th. A Real ID looks exactly like a current driver's license or ID card.

"The only difference to the card is there will be a gold star on the top right corner," says Debra Carney, Driver License Supervisor at the Office of Driver Services in Davenport.

People will be given the option to get either a Real ID or the one currently used when they apply or renew their licenses or ID cards.

"It was actually in response to the terrorist attacks in the 2001 and has evolved throughout the years," adds Carney.

When applying for a Real ID you have to bring more documentation than you normally would to the driver's license station.

"The documentation would be a source document that identifies the person and their right to be in the US," says Carney.

The documentation includes a birth certificate or passport, a social security card and proof of address.

"The Real ID involves no extra cost," adds Carney, "It's the same cost if you get the Real ID or the non-compliant card."

Having a Real ID will be needed to board a commercial aircraft or enter a federal courthouse.

"The Real ID is just an added benefit," says Carney, "It just verifies that the documents that have presented have been verified and authenticated."

If you choose not to get a Real ID, you will need your regular license or ID card, along with a passport to board a plane.

"It won't be as convenient as showing the Real ID with the star on it," says Carney.

Having either a Real ID or a license and passport to board a plane will not go into effect until December 1, 2014. There are 2 different compliance dates if you choose to get a Real ID. If you were born after December 1, 1964, the compliance date is December 1, 2014. Anyone born on or before December 1, 1964 the compliance date is December 1, 2017.

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