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Lake Storey Radar Run

Updated: Jan 6, 2013 06:24 PM CST

Snowmobilers dusted off their sleds and revved up those engines this weekend for the first radar run of the season. The Prairie Drifters Snowmobile Club held their annual run at Lake Storey in Galesburg.

A radar run is an event where snow mobiles go as fast as they can across a 1000 foot course on a frozen lake or river.

Last years local events were all canceled because of thin ice. However, this year organizers say the weather was ideal.

"The adrenaline it's a big rush when you can run 120-125 out there," said Rick Barnold.

"The sled just wants to pull your arms off the whole time," he said.

It's a feeling Barnold says you can't get anywhere else. In fact, the Galesburg native and crew member for a drag racing team, travels every year from Chicago just for this event.

"I've been preparing every night for about 2 weeks trying to get everything ready to go," he said.

Organizers have also been preparing.

"Safety is of the up most importance," said Pat Hennenfent, Director of the Knox County Snowmobile Search and Rescue Team.

Hennenfent says there has to be at least 6 inches of ice to hold the run.

"The city parks dept they actually come out and drill a hole in the ice and check the depth."

He says a rescue team is also on hand in case anything goes wrong.

"We have our snowmobile search and rescue team here just in case there are any accidents, were right ready to respond."

While he is ready to respond, the people racing are ready to let loose, clocking speeds of up to 126 miles per hour.

"It's kind of like NASCAR, NASCAR and snowmobiles."

The radar run is a fundraiser for the Prairie Drifters Snowmobile Club. Snowmobiles were divided into classes based on their motor size and the winners were given cash prizes.