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Davenport Leaders Tour City Owned Casino In Dubuque


Davenport city leaders got an up close look at a city owned casino in Dubuque. It's all part of the city's plan to buy Rhythm City Casino for $46-million.

One by one city leaders stepped onto a bus to learn more about city owned casinos.

"It has a great economic impact and that's the most important thing," says Davenport Alderman Sheilia Burrage, "It's about the economic impact that they being to the city."

The City of Dubuque owns Mystique Casino. The facility opened back in 1985 as a race track and then was turned into a full fledged casino in 2004.

"States across the country ignore that this model exists," says Dubuque City Manager Mike Van Milligan, "This is the model of how gaming should be all around the country."

The Dubuque model is somewhat different than Davenport's proposed model. The difference is Dubuque has one non-profit board, davenport will have 2.

"When we say we can do this just like the Dubuque model, it's really not the same, but there are differences that are important for us to understand," says DCIC Chair Kelli Grubbs.

Dubuque has 2 casinos. The city owned Mystique Casino and the privately owned Diamond Jo. During the tour, city leaders learned both work well together. The Mayor says it's proof that more than one casino can be profitable in the same area.

"The house never looses. People think they make all this money when they gamble. No, the house always wins," says Mayor Bill Gluba.

City leaders say they'll take the information they learned in Dubuque and apply it towards establishing a city owned casino.